Lucia, the woman who knew an angel

Angels With Me

A lot of us go through life meeting a few outstanding people. Often times we do not recognize the significant role they played in our lives. Some people have met angels, lived with them and even laughed with them. It is a wonderful feeling nothing can replicate. Here is a story of Lucia, the woman who knew an angel.


The woman who knew an angel

Lucia had spent her early childhood seeking love and family. She didn’t know her biological parents but was raised by a kind couple who later adopted her. When Lucia was 15 years old, she lost her foster father. He died in a tragic accident and it devastated their small family. It was during this time she met Ella. Lucia had a spot in school where she would sit and cry over her father’s death, her bad grades, and her lack of friends. Ella appeared out of nowhere one day and handed her a tissue. She said the dumbest and kindest words that day “Don’t you know that girls are ugly when they cry”. And just like that, Lucia had her first friend.




Like a guardian angel

Ella was unlike anybody Lucia had ever known. She went out of her way to help Lucia improve her grades by teaching her. When it was time to go to college, Ella asked Lucia where she wanted to go and she applied for that same school.
Like a guardian angel, Ella was with Lucia all the way. She helped her work hard in college and not give up on her dreams. She would sometimes throw irresistible smiles at a brilliant boy to get him to teach Lucia a course she didn’t understand. When Lucia met the love of her life, Ella was there too.
It was after Lucia’s wedding that she truly recognized she had known a divine angel in human form for the longest time. It was when Ella told Lucia she wanted to travel around the world helping people. Lucia felt heartbroken and alone but Ella’s parting words never left her heart. She simply said “You’d be fine Lu. You are safe now”. The two friends still get to catch up once in a while when Ella calls Lucia from a new country.




Friendship and love

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