The importance of goal setting

Humans are not designed to go through life day-by-day without striving for a purpose. Even those who have the ability to sit on a beach and drink Martinis all day would get tired of a life of such simplicity and ease, a life without any goals or dreams. Goals are not only what has made society into what it is for the better, in terms of industry, charity, families, and science, goals are also what bring each and every individual into the realm of growth and personal accomplishment.




“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as who you become by achieving your goals.” (Zig Ziglar)


A person with a dream, a vision, has a driving force not to survive but to live, do, and more importantly, to become. Goals teach us how to overcome obstacles, be versatile, and humble, but goals also allow us to explore our limits and give us a better and more realistic perspective of our inner value. By discovering just how far we can go we also, in a sense, discover who we really are. Failures teach us resilience and endurance, and the importance of not giving up or letting those failures define us. There is also a great lesson in overcoming, in the battle to win our dreams and also win our better selves. Human beings were meant to have a challenge set before us, a challenge which we can meet and conquer.

Any goal we choose is worth fighting for

There are countless goals which any person can choose, but any goal that is virtuous and admirable is worth fighting for and discovering. Athletes, parents, entrepreneurs, artists, philosophers—and many more—all have goals. That goal may be pushing your body, be it to win a big championship or run a single mile, athletes and those working with and for their bodies can have goals; they may be a thousand small goals or one big goal. Parents make goals to teach their children right from wrong and get them to the next stage in their development. Businessmen, writers, artists, scientists, philosophers, and others also have goals in a various range of professions and interests. A homeowner may have a goal to build a new deck on their home, or a charitable individual may have a goal to transform their community for the homeless. Goals come in all shapes, sizes, and everyone on the planet has had a goal at some point or another. We also know, because it is in our nature, how great it feels the first time we learn to change a tire, get a promotion, or make something beautiful.

When we dream big we have the chance to do big

Having big goals is important—mostly because everyone has invisible limits that they themselves put on how much they can accomplish. When we dream big we have the chance to do big. Every individual in and of themselves is the biggest reason why a goal might not be met—because of not dreaming big enough or giving up before the deed is done. We are the ones who decide if the gravity of doubt and fear will hold us down, or if we will will act without gravity and break free of our pretend limitations. Having a NO GRAVITY ring holds with it the reminder that we never have to be held down.

No Gravity

What do you think about goals? Do you have any life goals? And how important are they for you?

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